Tips for Creating a Great Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stand design is a thrilling and difficult aspect of exhibition marketing (and the most obvious). Keep things basic and remember these four concepts.

One of the most exciting components of marketing is a superb exhibition stand design. To ensure success, choose the design at least four months before the event. Here are four pointers to remember throughout building the design phase:

1. If you attract youngsters, their parents will follow – make room for freebies (or a lolly jar)

If you provide a family-friendly product or service, keep chocolates and candies on hand, as well as drawing materials and crayons if available. This can be shown on display stands that are appropriate for a child’s height. Do not be afraid to step outside the stand in order to attract families.

Even if your target demographic is a little older, sweets draw a crowd. Consider providing coffee or tea in this scenario, especially in the morning and towards the end of the day.

With your show stand design, you must convey basic and positive information. To have the greatest positive impression, always smile and direct your gaze toward the audience.

2. Make use of color and light to stand out from the crowd

To stand out, use color to establish the mood as well as attract attention – there are hues that people are drawn to intuitively or that evoke an emotional response. When you combine your stand with excellent customer service, you have a winning combination. Keep invites and fliers on hand if you want to make sure people will receive the right information about your products or services.

Make sure everything is well coordinated throughout the exhibition stand. The fliers, the stand, as well as staff should be in balance with each other.

3. Try to have an exhibition stand as open as possible

Unless the entry is sufficiently large, there should be no table at the front. The stand should be visually appealing. Fill the area with an outstanding quality interactive display if you wish to fill it.

Having an open exhibition stand will encourage visitors to come and look at the products and services that you exhibit. If there isn’t much room for them to have a look at what you have to offer, they will most likely simply pass by to the next exhibitor.

4. The stand must be comfortable and easily accessible

Choose proper lighting that draws the attention of each visitor and produces a bright, pleasant, and inviting environment. However, if your goal is to grab attention by generating a feeling of mystery or surprise, your lighting needs may change. Simply ensure that there is enough light for your guests to see you if they wish to speak with you or look at material.