Trade Show Trends for 2023

Technology developments, shifting consumer trends, and a constantly changing corporate environment are driving the astounding changes that the trade show industry is undergoing today. To provide guests with memorable and engaging experiences, trade show organizers and exhibitors must stay on the cutting edge in this era of innovation and connection. It's crucial to recognize and adopt the new trends reshaping the trade show business if you want to effectively navigate this dynamic environment.

Following a difficult few years, we have discovered that events are more important than ever, and trade show spending will increase.

Here are a few significant patterns to take note of:

Time and place of the event. Our study found that 68% of event participants indicated the venue had an impact on their decision to attend in-person events. Event planners should consider all that the place has to offer as millennials are more interested in experiences than entertainment.

Networking is important. Numerous respondents concur that networking opportunities are crucial and that in-person gatherings are more beneficial now than they will be in 2020. Due to Millennials, networking has supplanted exhibitions as the most crucial component of in-person events, which was the case prior to the epidemic. The epidemic served as a reminder of the value of interpersonal relationships, thus the type of networking opportunities that are available—particularly those that allow for peer and expert idea exchange on contemporary issues—matter.

Sustainability. Eco-friendly choices are important at events not just because they are good for the environment but also because they are profitable and are becoming more and more of what Millennials demand. For us to have the most impact possible, the ecosystem must work together. Getting your audiences involved is crucial because creating sustainable events is a team sport.

We have a lot of opportunities to leverage data and digital technologies to give our customers experiences that are more effective and efficient. We now know that while the trade show model cannot be replaced by digital, it can nevertheless serve to improve the experience for our communities through the use of product directories, data-based matching, navigation, and other features.

As consumer and commercial activities return to being conducted in person, IT will continue to recalibrate. This industry is anticipated to struggle in the coming year and has already prepared to cut thousands of the positions it had gained during the pandemic. Given this scenario, attendance will be difficult.

The consumer goods and retail sector has been among the poorest so far this year, but it is anticipated that it will improve this year. Retailers in 2022 had an abundance of goods, which made it unnecessary for them to attend industry events for the retail sector. Since inventory were running low by year's end in 2022, it is anticipated that customers will come back in 2023 to restock.

This year, international travel will still be difficult, especially given how slowly business visas are approved.

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