How to Create an Exhibition Stand That Will Get You Noticed

Exhibition stands are a traditional marketing strategy that may be utilized to promote your brand and earn new consumers. Many firms, however, make the error of inadequately constructing their modular display stands, and they may be missing out on key clients as a result.

1. Consider adding some freebies

If there is one thing that would entice your clients to visit your booth, it is freebies. However, most stands stick to the tried-and-true freebies, such as pencils. While these are timeless, they are also monotonous and will not help your company stand out from the crowd.

Some ideas could be:

  • Year planners
  • Tote bags
  • Mugs

2. Make it engaging

Including an interactive display or feature in your show stand is an excellent method to attract potential consumers. Consider adding a display with QR codes so customers may learn more about your company. Its interactivity may entice people to scan it as they pass by. Another option to make your booth more interactive with technology is to set up interactive games or even selfie stands to entice people in. You may join their discussion and start talking about your business once they start utilizing the technology.

3. Make it visually appealing

The graphics of your custom exhibition stand are unquestionably the most significant aspects that will get you noticed. Passers-by will make an initial impression of your booth, and a visually appealing display will be more likely to entice visitors to learn more about your organization.

Begin by making sure that your exhibition stand and props are all eye-catching and indicate your company name and the product or service you represent. Consider conducting research to determine which colors are most enticing to clients and incorporating them into your display.

Eye-catching and one-of-a-kind visuals are another approach to capturing your audience’s attention. Instead of employing simple drawings, why not use technology in your visual display? If you have the money, a television showing your product or other critical information about your firm may go a long way.

4. Have sustainability in mind as well

One of the most significant considerations for businesses is sustainability. Customers want to know that firms are doing all possible to limit their carbon impact and plastic consumption, especially with climate change and global warming dominating the news in recent months. As a result, making your stand as sustainable as possible is one method to demonstrate to potential clients that you are committed to sustainability.

Consider utilizing recyclable materials and as little plastic as possible for your pamphlets, for example. You may also add information on your company’s efforts to become more sustainable, which may lure potential customers who care about the environment. Formtex exhibition stands are modular as well as easily reutilizabile.

5. Make sure your materials are accurate

When companies consider setting up a business stand, they normally stock it with brochures and business cards that visitors may take home with them. While they are essential for any display stand, they are not the only elements you should use. Instead, take use of new trends such as virtual business cards and QR codes that drive visitors to your website. You should also invite potential clients to join an email list so that you may contact them after the event and persuade them to utilize your company.