Why Modular & Portable Exhibition Stands are the Future

Exhibition stands cost a lot of money. Combining a few portable displays, such as a few pull-up banners, a pop-up display for your wall, and a printed tablecloth to cover your trestle table, is the most cost-effective way to create an exhibition stand. You would need to have it custom constructed if you required anything a little finer.

The modular exhibition stands fill that need.

Because they appear as professional as a custom-constructed solution without the bespoke price tag, modular systems have become more and more popular over the years.

In essence, modular exhibition stands are constructed from a number of linked components that may be assembled to create an exhibition stand. To fit their exhibition area, exhibitors can also add or remove elements. You may, for instance, have a 3 m × 3 m booth at this month’s event and a 6 m x 3 m booth at the following show. The following are the benefits of modular display stands:


The stand may also be altered to accommodate different booth sizes. This functionality is especially crucial if you have a schedule of events that you want to display. You have the freedom to exhibit at various events with various booth sizes thanks to a modular display stand.

To create the stand to meet your booth size, you only need to bring the appropriate number of pieces to the event. Without having to acquire a new exhibition stand, you may get the extra parts from your supplier if you don’t have enough for a larger exhibit area.

Easy to set up

Compared to a bespoke display stand, modular exhibition stands are quick and easy to assemble. Depending on how intricate your custom display stand design is, you may need to engage carpenters, painters, and electricians as expert installers.

They are cheaper

From a cost perspective, the ROI of a modular display stand is also significantly greater.

Because the components of the modular stand are produced in large quantities, they are significantly less expensive than custom display stands. Compared to a bespoke stand, where each component must be made separately based on the design.

Easy to assemble

To set up, no tools are required. It follows that you are not need to bring your toolkit to the performance. No pounding or welding is necessary. Every modular exhibition system has a special way of putting the pieces together.

You can move the stand to the show yourself, saving on transportation costs, and they are also simple to store because the pieces can be broken down into portable carry bags.

The second benefit is that shipping and storage are free. In contrast to bespoke stands, you could have to pay for shipping and storage. Unless you have a really large workplace, you won’t be able to store those massive wall panels and structure there.