Modular wall, ready in 5 minutes The modular aluminum structure is assembled by connecting the tubular segments following the numbering at the ends of them and securing them into position by clicking on the round indentations sticking out perpendicular from the segments. CLICK WALLS
Easy and rapid setup The structure is covered in an expandable textile material, custom printed, that takes perfectly the shape of the structure. Closing the zipper finalizes the assembling operation of the exhibition system DIFFERENT SHAPES
Complex accessories A multitude of shapes and accessories for complex needs: TV support, shelves, light spots, brochure stands. ACCESSORIES
Light and compact Specially designed for easy transport and storage. DESKS
30% cheaper
than classic
exhibition systems
3x lighter
than a PopUp Spider with
the same display area
Rapid and easy setup
without the need of
previous experience.

How do we use the FormTex Click
display systems?

The use of the Click systems is varied - from company buildings, photo wall, stands for conferences to designing exhibition stands. Being a modular structure, it can be used in a multitude of combinations and variants.

From the idea to your display system in 4 simple steps.


We discuss with you and after analyzing together your needs, we propose the right set of exhibition systems for you. Afterward, you receive an offer from us and the graphic specifications to follow when designing the graphic for these systems.


We chose to use the best textile material for the Click display systems. We use ecological printing technologies. The print is fireproof and it can be washed in a regular washing machine.


The next stage after printing is the cutting and sewing of the textile material on the specific contour of each display system. We pay attention to the smallest details – from the color of the string we use to the size of the zipper.


We make sure that each display system meets the required quality standard. We check the quality of the print and finishings. We ship your exhibition system wherever you need them and especially when you need them.