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Why FormTex?

FormTex textile pop up is dedicated to customers who want a modular display solution, with easy installation, high impact to the pedestrians, multiform, and low price. Who doesn’t want that?

FormTex textile Spider systems are successfully used in their campaigns for:

Recent productions


Why choose FormTex?

Reasons why you will be happy with your choice


Exhibition stands made with Formtex are portable: specially designed to be dismantled and stored
Easy and fast installation
The installation and disassembly of the expo stand is very easy: they can be done without tools just by following the installation steps
Light and compact
FormTex systems are easy to transport and store, being designed from light materials: aluminum system and textile print


A FormTex exhibition stand can be reused as many times as you need. If the prints get dirty, they can be washed in a regular washing machine.
We have at your disposal a complex range of elements that we can use to offer you a stand to represent you.
Reduced cost
The purchase price for an exhibition stand is very competitive. We continuously optimize the design and production process to offer you an excellent deal.


FormTex exhibition stand ideas:

Choosing a custom exhibition stand is a process that can be difficult and frustrating. Faced with complex decisions and not having knowledge about exhibition stands, you may end up paying for an exhibition system a lot of not being able to reuse it or to present yourself at the exhibition without having the right image.

What if there was a partner to simplify the process? We will take from you the essential data related to the stand and we will propose you several variants for its personalization.

With a portfolio of over 200 satisfied customers, we offer you the range of FormTex textile systems for exhibition stands.

FormTex systems are an ingenious way to set up a stand. They consist of an aluminum structure that can be disassembled and a flexible textile print that perfectly dresses this structure. The result will be a special shape that will impress with the naturalness of the colors and the flatness of the message.

Steps in making your stand:

Stand proposals
We send proposals for the arrangement of the expo stand.
After choosing one of the options, we work together on the graphics of the stand.
The stand is produced and delivered to the requested location.


The installation of the FormTex exhibition stand is particularly easy. To keep costs low you can do this step yourself. In case you need help, you will receive a variant of mounting the stand with our team

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We produce and sell a various range of Exhibition Stands. Specially designed to be light and easy to setup, the FormTex exhibiton stands have the following advantages: low cost (the setup is done without additional tools and help from specialized workers – hence a lower setup cost); modularity (you can combine the parts of a FormTex Exhibition Stand in various several other ways to fit different space configurations), easy to store (disassembled, the stands are compact and easy to transport and store).

The FormTex Exhibition Stands are made from individual elements (walls, desks, arcades) – each one being delivered in a solid bag that can also be used for transport and storage. Each element is easy to install using the ingenious “Click” system, by following the setup instructions that is included in the package of each product. You will not need special technical knowledge. The setup takes up to 5 minutes per element and does not require tools.

We process with great care each order for an Exhibition Stand, thorugh a carefully controlled flow. The standard delivery time is 4-5 days from definitive order. We have established clear quality check steps throughout the production process in order to have excellent results each time.