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The FormTex story

The FormTex story begins in 2013. Based on the experienced accumulated by then, the ADPRO Team company takes form, with the objective of producing printed materials for indoor activities and portable exhibition display systems.

After the first year during which we produced a large number of roll-up and pop-up systems and thousand of square meters of auto-adhesive, in 2016 we decided to invest in a new direction of business – large format textile printing. Being among the first in this niche, we brought in a new product range – portable display systems with print on textile.

The investment in the printing capacity came as a package together with the purchase of the finishing machinery (sawing, cutting and soldering). Paying a close attention to details and choosing constructive solutions of a high quality brings upon the need to make our products easily recognizable. At this point FormTex comes in the picture – under the umbrella of this brand name, we decided to offer our clients products that will meet specific attributes: portable display systems – easy to purchase and use.

Meanwhile, our capacities expand to encompass the import and distribution areas. Also, we integrate new abilities of mechanical processing (aluminum, plastic) as well as digital abilities – graphic simulations and 3D renderings (for each new products as well as for the complex projects), marketing (necessary to reach the clients that need our products).

The investments help us bring our products also to the international markets – with clients from all Europe and permanent representatives in The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Hungary.