How to make your exhibition stand attract the most visitors?

One of the most crucial chances to meet clients personally and establish contacts is at trade shows. However, rivals are making the same effort. Because of this, it’s vital to pay attention while you design your show stand. For many years, Formtex has been producing display stands. We have set up exhibition stands in countless fair organizations, and now we’ll explain how to draw the most attention to your fair stand.

Generating leads: Consider all possibilities and use social media

Your initial point of contact should be at the fair, and the second should be through a social media platform. What would be the most straightforward course of action if you wanted to reach and engage with a lead? Possibly via email? It is widely used, therefore there is nothing improper with utilizing it yourself.
But what if clients could only recall the name of one business? Then, what will they do? You have just entered a social media site.

This indicates that you can gain 10 times as many followers on one of these platforms with very little work, even if you only post your Instagram username outside your booth or provide a link to a Facebook page.

Can you set up a corner of the stand for photography or do you have a fancy “Instagramable” product? Give users the option to capture pictures using a unique feature (and advertising for you, of course).

Take advantage of innovative technological features

Modern exhibition stand styles are heavily influenced by technology, which is predicted to continue growing in significance for society through 2022 and beyond. Future events will likely employ computer software, lighting, sound, film, and perhaps robots! Modern trade shows need dedication, and technology helps the booth stand out from the crowd.

Live settings are also a part of technology. This implies that everything is interrelated to produce an effect and that the background changes in real-time and as necessary. If a guest stays at an event for five hours on average, make your booth more interesting for them!

You can quickly reuse and replace assets thanks to technology. For small firms wishing to promote their work, plugging in a laptop and giving a presentation can be economical and time-saving.

Consider live streaming the event

You must monitor your general demographics if you want to increase your contact and client reach in 2021. Only a specific number of exhibitors are allowed to enter an exhibition because they are transient events. But what about those who fall short? Which of these might be the secret to your company’s success? Given that 46% of attendees attend just one trade show annually, you can reach over 50% of them.

Trade events and exhibitions conducted virtually are already popular. Turn the tables and incorporate a virtual element into your speech; you can reuse it afterward (while recording the stream).

Enhanced lighting for portable exhibition stands

The impact you have on the fair is greatly influenced by how the fair stands are lit. Any design will inevitably involve the use of light, but the stronger the lighting, the stronger the impression you will make.

Lighting is frequently used in conjunction with other booth design components. So how about having your lighting change in response to sound or movement? Do you sync the lights to the music and let them respond to the beat? Or do the lights get shinier when a customer comes closer to your booth? You want people to notice you, and this is a crucial component that attracts them and gets them nearer to your booth.


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